Business units

Our portfolio of investment and operating companies focuses on consumer-oriented industries such as healthcare, design, information technology and ventures.

We are an international company that specialises in the investment of companies whose primary focus is the planning and equipping of medical facilities.

Our vast experience in the healthcare industry makes us the obvious choice, if anyone in the healthcare industry.  Our consultancy starts at the planning stage and spans over to the assistance in fundraising of funds, procurement, and project management.

To deliver successful project management, we need to understand the objectives and the raison d’etre behind the proposed project and understand the scale of the investment.  Our team will work hand in hand with your team to gain enough knowledge about the project.  Once we understand your vision, we will forward a detailed plan that would include, project description, analysis of the market, key assumptions, and analysis of the financial model.

We support our customers in designing buildings that meet the needs of people and the environment.

We understand the business, the architectural and design requirements.  In designing your facility, we will never overlook the sustainability, efficiency, and the aesthetics.  We integrate space, colours, materials, and light as tools to create healthy and beautiful environments that would enhance the user experience but also the productivity of your team.

We support investors and project owners in providing access to global export financing providers.

The success of your business, depends also on its finances.  At Nubes we help your business obtain the required finances, by granting access to global financing providers.  Our clients will benefit from our team’s extensive experience to get the project moving forward through high quality strategic advice, creative and tailor-made financing solutions.

Nubes is currently developing a software platform to help create and optimize medical device planning.

At Nubes we always strive to bring added value to our clients. Nowadays, having a robust technological infrastructure is the lifeline of any business.  In this regards, at Nubes we are currently developing a software platform to help create and optimize medical device planning.

This software will assist healthcare providers and planners in making the right decisions when it comes to building modern and cost-effective healthcare facilities.